What is Content Marketing Strategy

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What is content marketing strategy

Even if you are beginning your career as a network marketer, you must have heard the terms like ‘content is the king’ or content marketing. Many experts advise you to deliver quality content to your target audiences for content marketing strategy, but hardly any of them explains exactly what they mean by content marketing. Today, we will discuss three fundamentals that will help you to understand what is content marketing, and let you effectively use it for promoting your business.

Content marketing basically involves the following three factors:


  • Providing quality content is the first factor. We will discuss it in more detail in a moment.
  • Serving your niche is the second important factor.
  • And building your trust and reputation within the community related to that particular niche is the third factor that matters.


You must realize that all niches are represented by real people over the Internet with common interest.  Your success entirely depends on how effectively you handle your niche for content marketing. So, coming to the point, let’s talk about these fundamentals of content marketing:


Delivering quality content. 

If you have confusion about content, let me remind you that contents denote anything that helps people to learn and induces them towards some action. So, the articles, video presentations, webinars and even telephone calls can serve as effective contents for informing, educating people with an appeal towards the action that you desire. When you deliver quality content, you can more effectively encourage or motivate people for the desired action.


Sounds logical, doesn’t it?

So, content marketing is more complicated than just article marketing or presenting articles on your blog.

You can deliver your content using

  • Books
  • Audios
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Teleseminars
  • Reports or any other channel of communication that makes you comfortable.

In fact, you have unlimited possibilities of marketing your content!


Serving your niche

As we have already discussed, you have to deliver effective content, and this means your content should be focused on your niche. This is probably the most important factor in content marketing.  

Niche represents the community over the Internet with a common interest or goal. When people share a common interest, they belong to a particular niche and can be your target audiences. Here are some examples of a niche:


  • People suffering from a particular health condition and looking for healing options have a common interest.
  • People looking for dating over the Internet have a common interest.
  • People looking for home-based businesses have a common interest and thus, belong to a niche.
  • People seeking information on a particular software or service have a common interest.
  • People who wish to learn and use social networking sites like Facebook have a common interest.


When you are focusing your marketing contents on a particular niche, you are engaging targeted audiences for your business. Your content will be subsumed by the vast ocean of information over the Internet. Serving your niche will allow you to reach your prospects. This is the reason why you should be very careful while choosing your niche for content marketing.


For example, if you select a niche of people with low-income groups for content marketing, you will face a limitation in realizing your dream of financial freedom. When you reach people who don’t have sufficient money to buy goods or services, you will not be able to effectively realize your goal of making money.


On the other hand, if you just want to share information without any requirements of online purchase, the niche with low-income groups will pose no limitations to your success in reaching sufficiently large number of people and sharing information. So, before you begin content marketing, you should carefully select and focus on your niche as per the end results you have in mind. As described by Stephen Covey, remember the end before you begin to become one of Highly Effective People.


Building your trust and reputation within the community

It takes time to build trust and reputation, but the right approach will significantly reduce the time to become a credible source. Obviously, the quality of your content will determine the reputation within the community related to your niche.

If your content is authentic and solves the problem faced by the people related to your niche, you will quickly gain the confidence of your prospects. Therefore, you should try to provide useful information and educate or assist them in leading a contended life.


For example, when you share authentic and useful information with people in a particular niche on your blogs or websites using articles, videos, webinars or any other communication channels, the authenticity of your information will build your credibility within the community. Your target audiences benefit from credible information while you rise to success.

Everybody wins when you deliver quality content.

Their trust and confidence will allow you to more positively engage your target audiences. They will be willing to readily accept your recommendations regarding products and services. You will start making money from your marketing efforts and affiliate programs.



Content marketing involves authentic or quality information or contents that are delivered to your focused niche for building their trust and confidence so that you can recommend products and services to your target audiences.


I hope this article will help you in realizing the true potential of content marketing for a successful career in network marketing. Content marketing can be a very powerful leverage when you wish to promote your business, particularly for curation that we will discuss in our next article. It allows you to reach an unprecedented number of targeted audiences for sharing information, creating awareness, earning money or any other goals you desire.


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content marketing strategy


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    100% agree with content being ‘king’. I see so many blog posts that are thrown together in a hurry, full of typos and grammatical errors, and photos that are small and blurry. You may get eyeballs once with content like that, but not twice!

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    Hi Jane,

    Nice post and I must say that you are right content is like a water. It depends on you in how you keep it. Content is more important when you are blogging. Every body including you and me are always looking for a good and quality content. If you provide your readers with all good way than think that people are always love to visit your site. Thanks :)

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