22 Fascinating Social Media Facts And Statistics In 2014 + Infographic

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Social Media Facts 2014Social media has changed the way we conduct most tasks. It has revolutionized the way we talk to each other, the way we share information and the way we promote ourselves and our business.

Modern businesses are now beginning to conduct some, if not all, of their business online, and it is becoming even more important for businesses to begin an online marketing plan.


The world of online marketing is growing quickly and by using social media, businesses are finding it easier to get their products viewed by a multitude of buyers. Businesses are now being presented with even more opportunities for creative marketing since the growth of social media.

A marketing team that is well versed in the trends and statistics of social media can be very important to a company.


Businesses have quickly learned the power of social media when attempting to bring in customers.

They are able to see reviews, offer referrals and share special offers with both current and potential clients. This gives companies a leg up on the competition and an unlimited client pool. Businesses are also finding the need to build a great website. Being able to present a company’s image online is a powerful tool for businesses to use to bring in new clients.


There are many things that company’s need to keep in mind when using social media to promote their business. How to find their customers is one of the most important things. That’s why we wrote this article about most fascinating social media facts and statictics in 2014.

Businesses need to conduct research in order to find the best ways to approach their clients and customers through social media, and there has been quite a bit of research conducted to show that promoting on social media is now required when promoting your business.


To prove this, you first need to look at the demographics of social media:

  • Currently the number of people who use social media versus those online is 72%. (72% of internet users are also involved with social media sites.)
  • 89% of those between 18 and 29 use social media
  • 72% of those between 30 and 49 use social media


Some statistics can be a bit surprising:

  • Of 50 to 60 year-old’s, 60 percent use social media
  • And even more surprising, 43% of 65 year olds use social media


With these social media age statistics, it is easy to see how most people, regardless of age, can be reached through social media. Another question that companies must ask is how do people access social media and how do they do it.

There have been studies conducted which research the amount of time people spend on Facebook per hour and how social media is accessed. The top three countries are: 

  • United States – 16 minutes per hour, Australia – 14 minutes per hour, and Great Britain – 13 minutes per hour.
  • Social media is accessed through mobile devices 71% of the time.


An interesting thing about Facebook, as big as it is, Google+ is projected to surpass it by 2016. It is also important to keep Twitter in mind as a major player in the social media game. These are the latest figures regarding Facebook, Google+ and Twitter:


  • 1.15 Billion – the number of Facebook Users
  • Web Pages which allow for the “Login with Facebook” feature – 1 million
  • How often do users login to Facebook? 23% login daily
  • How is Facebook changing the way we make our purchases? 47% of Americans admit to allowing their shopping to be influenced by Facebook.
  • Marketers using Facebook to gain new clients – 70%



  • 1 billion – Number of Google+ accounts
  • 359 million – Number of monthly active users
  • 33% – amount Google+ is growing per year
  • 56% – increase in amount of 45 to 54 Google+ users since 2012



  • 550 million – Number of Twitter Users
  • 34% – percent of marketers using Twitter to attract new business
  • 44% – amount of growth Twitter has shown from 2012-2013 (the fastest)
  • Twitter boasts to having 215 million monthly users

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Of course, there are others in the social networking business that should be taken note of:

  • 20 million – Pinterest Users
  • 150 million – Instagram Users


Here’s an infographic that provides a visual medium for the social media facts and statictics you should know in 2014. 

The Growth of Social Media v2.0 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Source: The Growth of Social Media


These numbers show a startling trend that will revolutionize the way we do just about everything. Even meeting new friends will be different. Some relationships will be carried out entirely online without any physical contact whatsoever.

Whether this be good or bad, this is the direction that we are heading and it is now more than ever, important for businesses to upgrade into the new world of social media.


We are finding new and exciting ways to do things; sometimes with the click of a button or a touch to the screen of a phone. The way we interact with each other is changing drastically and we should all take notice so that we are not left behind. Social media appears to be here to stay and it is only a matter of time before the next big thing arrives on our doorsteps.


Since first opening its virtual doors, Facebook has completely changed the face of human interaction. It has brought about changes in every type of business and every household.

These changes have quickly become a way of life for most people and most rely on social media to keep them informed of their friends lives, of events happening around them, and post to the world all the exciting events that are happening in their own personal lives.


Social media has created an entire new world of online lives, complete with neighborhoods and cities.

Although, these neighborhoods and cities may be different from what we are used to, they still have the power of connecting people and places that we never dreamed possible.


All our backyards have become a little bit bigger because of social media and it is now possible to travel around the world without ever leaving home.

What about you?

Any surprises? Are you growing your social networks fans and followers? Which social network works best for you?

social media statictics 2014


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    This was a great info-graphic! I especially liked the stat of how long the top 3 countries spend on social media (16-13 minutes) – oh and that we log into FB 5x a day!!

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    Hey Jan,
    Great post buddy! As mentioned already, the infographic is way cool! Its always fascinating to me to see stats and figures like these. Thanks for sharing!


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    I’ve noticed that I get most of my site hits off of Facebook Groups. Second, is through utilizing G+ communities. I have a lot of followers on G+ and none on FB. Do you know much about Alexa Rankings?

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