Paid Traffic: 20 Methods That Create Fast Results

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In our last article, we presented an overview of 22 methods for earning free traffic. We also discussed why the hyped magic formulas fail to deliver any tangible results, and you are left with only two options – either earning targeted traffic through the conventional approach to organic ranking or buying it.


Regardless how efficiently you implement the strategies for getting free-traffic, organic ranking is something that takes time, and it becomes a very prudent decision to use paid traffic for getting sustained streams of highly targeted traffic and continuously building your list. In fact, smart marketers use both free as well as paid traffic to leverage their business.


You should acknowledge that paid advertising is one of the top key parameters that determine your success in online marketing.

It provides a large stream of highly targeted traffic to your squeeze page, allowing you to enrich your list that virtually defines the success of your online business. This is the reason why experienced marketers prefer to drive their traffic to a capture page rather than sales letters.


They understand that many potential customers will bounce off on being redirected to the sales letter from their squeeze pages, but the higher conversion ratio from the list of targeted and willing prospects more than compensate the possible loss of prospective customers. We will surely discuss these issues in other articles, but in this article, let’s focus on paid traffic as we did in our previous article to discuss 22 methods of generating free traffic.

From the customer’s perspective, there is hardly any difference between free and paid traffic, even though they show a distinct preference for organic ranking.

In order to earn your free traffic, you have to do the hard work of improving your organic ranking while paid advertisements allow you to benefit from other’s hard work by just publishing your ads on pages with high organic ranking. Even when you buy premium services from search engines, you are paying others for your high ranking and traffic that follow.


For example, a forum can be a source of both free as well as paid traffic.

When you spend your time and resources to engage with the community, you earn free traffic to leverage your business. However, when you pay the owners of a forum to publish your ads, you gain paid traffic without the need to spend your time and resources for connecting with the community at the emotional levels. Community participation still pays when you try to engage your potential customers, but it’s not necessary for obtaining traffic to your websites or landing pages.


So, we can discuss paid traffic under the same classification of publishing, broadcasting and collaborating as we did while presenting an overview of 22 methods to drive free traffic. You can follow the link… to read my previous post to learn the methods of driving free traffic.

However, we think that it would be better to discuss each of these paid traffic methods in a straightforward manner rather than grouping them into the broad classifications of publishing, broadcasting and collaborating.

This will allow you to focus more coherently to benefit from the following insight:



Affiliate programs allow you to truly realize your dream in Internet marketing. Although, affiliates can create confusion or negatively affect your reputation by misrepresenting your products, but you can overcome these difficulties by keeping your program simple and well coordinated. Almost every successful marketer has used affiliate programs to bring targeted traffic to their online business.

So, if you can design attractive program and keep things simple to avoid confusion, countless affiliates will be willing to promote your products for a commission.

With a growing number of affiliates, you will never have to bother about getting traffic for your online business.

Well known marketer Jimmy Brown claimed that his affiliates brought all the traffic to his business, and there is nothing to refute his claim.


Email Marketing

If you can source authentic email lists of your prospects, it will create a virtual goldmine to prosperity through email marketing. Email lists work like a real asset to promote your business. As far as paid traffic is concerned, both email and e-zine marketing work in a similar manner, but companies don’t publish actual email newsletters while they willingly offer solo ads.


There are a very large number of players in this field who sell email lists of prospective customers related to your niche. You have to be very careful while buying your list. If you don’t buy from credible seller, you might not only lose your time and resources, but also face the risk of being shunned as a spammer. However,  solo ads work effectively when they are sent to these lists.



Many reputed bloggers sell reviews on their blogging site.

If you can buy reviews of your product on the site of reputed bloggers related to your niche, your prospects see this as an endorsement of your product. However, you should understand that the price and effectiveness of reviews depend on the reputation of the bloggers. Most bloggers are known for recommending a product simply because they are being paid for it. So try to find a blogger related to your niche with sufficient credibility of endorsing products on their merit. 



The owners of the popular forum offer advertising space on their website. Advertising space on sites with high organic ranking is just like real assets, providing highly targeted traffic to your business when you publish your ads on popular forums related to your niche. Generally, the forums offer space for banners, but you can negotiate with the owners to publish your ads in any format. You will also find forums that send emails to the community participants on your behalf.



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Even though strategically placed small banners can bring huge traffic to any business, I don’t know why marketers prefer to advertise in other formats.  The banners also provide a very cost effective method of Internet marketing. It’s very important to analyze the traffic of sites where you wish to place your banners as you have to pay according to per thousand impressions. So, if you can place your banners where it creates sufficient curiosity among your prospects, you will benefit from a very large stream of targeted traffic at a fraction of the cost in comparison to other methods of paid traffic.



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If your budget allows you to host webinars, you can use it to get traffic for your business. In case you want to control your expenses, you can buy ads during the webinars hosted by other network marketers. If you don’t have sufficient time to manage your webinars, you can hire any web hosting service provider to organize a webinar for you. You can also collaborate with other partners to host a webinar for promoting your business.

Webinars are going to be one of the most important business promotion tools in the modern world.

You should incorporate it in your business promotion strategies.


Guaranteed Visitors

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You can also buy a guaranteed visitor program, but this may not actually provide quality traffic unless you can find a credible seller who delivers targeted traffic to your business. However, you can use a guaranteed visitor program for building your list. This allows you to create a targeted list so that you can improve your sales by pursuing your prospects.


Ezine Advertising

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E-zine advertising is one of my favorite methods of sourcing paid traffic because it provides a very impressive conversion ratio. As long as you can match the interests of your prospects in your e-zine advertising, it hardly matters whether you are a regular publisher on Ezine or own a directory of Ezines. When you reach your prospective customers with authentic information about what they are looking, you can expect very good results.



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Simply speaking, CPM advertising allows you to display your ads on the sites associated with your niche at a very cost effective rate. Even though some marketers use CPM in an entirely different context, but this method is mainly used for sourcing targeted traffic and paying for every thousand impressions or displays of your advertisement.

CPM advertising provides an excellent method of building your prospect list.



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Mostly, the marketers ignore the potential of offline advertising in engaging the prospective customers. In their attempt to leverage their business, they keep on concentrating on online advertising. You should understand that offline advertising is equally powerful in generating curiosity among your potential customers, and a proper mix of offline and online advertising will induce them to visit your site in a very cost-effective manner.


Social Media

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Social media marketing has emerged as the most powerful method of leveraging your business. Unfortunately, it’s a very time-consuming process to build a community and connect with your potential customers on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

You can benefit from the huge network of social media to reach millions of potential customers by just buying ads on these sites to bypass the requirements of connecting with the community at emotional levels. Although the scope of publishing your ads on Twitter is limited, you can effectively use Facebook, Pinterest and Diggs for getting paid traffic.



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If you are not using videos to promote your business, you are not using Internet marketing to its full potential.

[alert style=”dark”]Video marketing is a very powerful method to connect with your customers.[/alert]

However, if you are not yet ready to produce your video, you can buy ad space on the popular videos related to your niche on YouTube. You should understand that advertising is all about creating interest and curiosity and not closing the deal. Buying ad space on popular videos will go a long way in creating interest among your prospects.



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Ad networks provide specialized services to manage your advertising campaign. Obviously, you need a sufficiently large budget to engage ad networks for your business promotion. Most of these ad networks require a budget of more than $10,000, but you can also get the services of some cost-effective ad networks that launch your campaign for only a few hundred dollars. Ad networks provide highly targeted traffic to your business with sufficient flexibility to save your time and control the costs involved in your advertising campaigns.



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[alert style=”dark”]CPA advertising creates a direct link between your advertising cost and profitability from your campaigns.[/alert]

As you pay on the basis of Cost Per Action, this is probably the most promising advertising method in the future. This is the reason why the founder member of a large technology company claimed that the CPA would be the only surviving advertising model in the years to come. It can be a very inflated statement, but CPA allows you to manage your advertising expenses in a very productive manner.


For example, it allows you to decide how much you can afford on your advertisements to zero in a customer worth $100 when you enjoy a very high conversion ratio. CPA ensures a good return from your advertising expenses by eliminating the tire-kickers from your business.



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In their efforts to monetize the website, the bloggers offer many advertising opportunities. You can buy space on the blogs related to your niche to place various advertising ads lime banner ads and in-post ads. As I have already mentioned, the many bloggers offer paid reviews and permit access to their registered members through email. If you can identify the popular blogs related to your niche, they can be very instrumental in bringing paid traffic to your business.


Pay Per Click

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Once dominating as a popular method for paid traffic, Pay per click has completely changed over the years. During its days of glory, it offered very friendly terms to its affiliates, but recently PPC providers became very apathetic to the affiliates.  Google canceled their accounts without providing any notice or respite, and this is the reason why many marketers don’t consider PPC to be an effective option for getting paid traffic. However, I agree with Perry Marshall, who claims that PPC can be very effective if you can do it properly.



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Google AdWords empower you to directly advertise on any website related to your niche. Many people don’t know that AdWords can actually allow them to specifically target a website for displaying ads.

However, things become quite simple when you use ad networks.

You can also look for the “advertise” link at the bottom of a particular website to explore the possibility of buying paid traffic from that website.



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Many companies selling durable commodities offer co-op advertising. When you market their products, they reward you by sharing or completely financing your advertising campaigns. So far, I haven’t come through any company that offers co-op advertising for online products, but if you are marketing a physical product, you will find many companies willing to share or bear your online advertising expenses.


Press Releases

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If you are marketing technology-intensive products or services that create news, Press releases can be very instrumental in raising curiosity among your prospects. Otherwise, I don’t think that press releases can really help you in getting traffic to your business. Those who highlight the importance of press releases from the traffic generating point of view might have probably never used it for Internet marketing.

You should understand that press releases mostly raise the curiosity of reporters, journalists and publishers who seek juicy stories for their potential customers. If you feel that you can ultimately reach your customers through a press release, you can and should use it.



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Re-marketing is quite effective in getting paid traffic, but many marketers even don’t know how it works. Remarketing actually reminds your prospects to revisit your site when they land on websites linked to the network of your remarketing company. This method works perfectly for site owners as it uses cookies to track the visitors and manage your RM campaign.




We will definitely explore each of these methods in our next posts.  You did a lot of reading, but hopefully you might have gained some useful information on how to streamline your paid traffic campaigns.


What is your favourite paid traffic source? And do you prefer paid traffic or free traffic?

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