How to Stay Focused on Success: The Most Crucial Requirements

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Staying focused is very important to achieve success.

Distractions can be discouraging and deadly.

If you get distracted while driving then it is obvious that accidents happen. If your get involved in a good conversation while strolling down a public sidewalk then you can just smack into a pole (I just witnessed it. Jeez…). If you are wrapped up in the trivial details of living life like chores, petty frustrations, fear, laziness, TV and self doubt then

achieving your goals or dream becomes difficult. 


It is very important for you to understand “How to stay focused for achieving success” in order to achieve success either in your personal or professional life.  Stay focused on your goals which will move you closer in achieving your goals. Getting distracted can waste both time and energy which cannot be brought back.


How to stay focused without distracting?

Having a dream, goal, purpose, activity or plan is the first step. So take some time to sit and find out exactly what you want to accomplish.

In my point of view this helps in avoiding distractions.

So I will spend few hours or days to remove all the clutter from my office, workspace or life.  I will have a keen look at all the pile that has been appeared on my desk. I will file that has to be handled and handle that has be handled and fling anything that is not so important.

 Do the same thing with email folders. Clean, handle and move on. 

If I have any pending issues that needs attention and people I need to call, to do tasks, I am responsible for things or anything that is causing distractions it is time to solve them.

Get rid of all the issues that are causing distractions.

For an example, Lisa and I went to our company’s annual convention recently where we spent time with a couple who are enjoying great success in their business. They were top 10 earners and complete picture of health. They were slim, trim and had lots of energy. While looking at me, I was complete contrast to them which has been bugging me and finally resulting distractions.


To avoid the distraction, you have to start exercising.

If you look fat then how come anyone can get inspired from you? Would you follow a fat guy? I bet that Lisa never signed up to spend her life with an overweight and out of shape person.

 Perfect answer for “How to stay focused for success” is to get rid of distractions.

I reactivated my gym membership, disposed an unfinished bag of Riffles potato chips and scheduled every day an hour and five days per week for gym. Surprisingly, no more distractions! Everything handled perfectly. And now I can stay focused on the most important things.



  • Understand the result – what are you willing to achieve
  • Avoid distractions – handle them immediately
  • Now make a pledge to the process you believe that gets you close to your goal.

What other tips do you have for staying focused?

how to stay focused


  1. says

    Great Article. One thing that really has helped keep me focused is just taking a few minutes in the morning and afternoon and creating a list of what I want to get done during the day

  2. says

    My tip for staying focused is to set a timer for 1 hour, and know what you will be doing for that hour.
    It’s amazing how effective I found this at stopping the distractions, and you can really make progress.
    Do this every day for a year and that’s 365 hours, or 10 x 36.5 hour weeks!
    Thanks for the tips,

    • Jan Oršula says

      Definitely agree with you, great point to set a timer for 1 hour. Thanks for reading and looking forward to hearing more from you.

  3. says

    Good tips! I’ve recently started de-cluttering my work area at home for a different reason. I believe that the old things taking up space in our house that I have personally last touched years ago come with them negative associations, buried from our pasts. In order for us to move on and live in the present so that we may know in which direction we want to move towards in the future, we must first let go of the past. Throwing out the clutter so as to remove that association is one way I achieve this.

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