Free Traffic: 22 Methods that Really Work

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The constant streams of highly targeted traffic that you drive to your website or landing pages virtually define your success parameters in Internet marketing. This is the reason why numerous marketing gurus try to sell their innovative methods of driving paid & free traffic to your blogs and websites.

In fact, you will find so many opinions and recommendations that it becomes very confusing to select the right course of action.

Many methods and strategies of driving targeted traffic seem to be ‘outdated’ and ‘redundant’ by the time you buy them. In my determination to do anything to get targeted traffic, I brought many hyped programs that never worked. You should understand that the so called “three click” software hardly works in this dynamic world. Even working methods and strategies quickly become outdated or involved very complicated procedures, making them useless for Internet marketing.


So, rather than getting lost or distracted with quick solutions, it’s better to consider the big picture of Internet traffic. Regardless of what the marketing gurus have to tell you, you have to either earn your traffic or buy it.

This is the reality you cannot ignore.

Today we are going to present an overview of 22 proven methods of earning targeted & free traffic. We will elaborate on each of these methods in our future posts. 

However, you should avoid the mistake of simultaneously implementing several methods as it might be completely overwhelming. We can understand your enthusiasm, but no one can implement all these strategies at the same time. The best option would be to carefully select the right methods as per your needs and preferences and master it to get constant streams of targeted traffic. You might have seen the cartoon where people stop digging their goldmine when unprecedented wealth and prosperity are only at a few feet away.

Obviously, you won’t like to waste your hard work due to lack of determination and commitment.

Therefore, it’s very important that you select the right methods and keep on refining your techniques with a strong will power and determination to succeed against all odds. 

So, with that note, we should now proceed to discuss the three basic methods of getting free traffic along with the techniques and strategies that are involved with these choices.



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You should understand that Internet traffic moves in streams. Multiple Streams of Internet Income is a great work by Bob Allen, who has explained many wonderful methods of driving Internet traffic in his book. He is such a genius that anybody reading his work would instantly grasp his ideas into a metal framework to generate automated sales from a series of traffic streams and materialize the dream of generating a virtual ocean of prospects.  

In order to keep things simple (hope you would like simple approach to explain complicated strategies), I have classified these 22 proven methods into three broad categories:

  • Publishing
  • Broadcasting
  • Collaborating

Once again, I should remind you against the risk of being overwhelmed or lost in attempting to implement more than one method at a time. So rather than being a jack of all, try to focus on the method that suits you, and implement them with full force…

If you work with required commitment, all these methods will produce equally impressive results in delivering targeted traffic. We will soon explain the details on each of these methods. 



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In the academic world, if you are unable to publish your work, you might lose your identity. I don’t know much about the academic world, but you will definitely lose your Internet business on taking a lackluster approach to publishing.

Fortunately, you are not required to be a great writer for achieving your success in publishing.

The Internet offers unprecedented scope for publishing. In fact, people are always searching for information over the Internet, and you can reach almost endless people by publishing the required information. If you wish to reach people by providing information – write and publish quality information just like me, and keep on aggregating or curating to achieve great success. If you have any doubts regarding your ability to publish quality work, have a look at some successful online blogs.


You will be surprised to find that many bloggers like John Chow ask approximately $500 to publish product reviews on their blog. In most of the cases, targeted traffic and high conversion ratios from such product reviews make it a worthy investment. So, you can realize the traffic potential of publishing the right information as per your niche.

You can use the following methods to obtain traffic by publishing information. These methods have worked for me, and many people use one or more platforms to publish their work. In fact, I am using several of these methods to drive traffic to my business. We will not explain about these platforms at this point, but very soon discuss the methods and strategies of publishing information in the following ways:    


  • Ezine articles
  • Squidoo lenses
  • Blog postings
  • Guest postings
  • Viral marketing
  • Article marketing
  • Press Releases
  • Distribution
  • Books
  • Email
  • Reports

If you are a novice marketer or planning to start your career in Internet marketing, I would suggest you to begin with blog postings. Several outsourcing sites like eLance and services such as TypePad make it very easy to create and maintain your blog. I know many successful marketers who have been using TypePad for several years.


The outsourcing services extend the scope of Internet marketing rather than limiting it. In fact, services provide the best option for many marketers who are not blessed with the creative skills of writing their articles. However, the choice of methods or platforms is more instrumental than the services.

Specialization significantly extends the scope of your market. The universal principles of Adam smith equally apply to Internet marketing. When you specialize in publishing at any of these platforms, you create the potential of better income and profitability.


Even experienced bloggers like Brian Clark and Chris Brogan started blogging out of their passion to connect with the community. When you pursue your passion, it will automatically create the avenues of better profitability. The Internet provides unprecedented avenues of engaging countless potential audiences in almost any topic or niche. Internet marketing doesn’t require you to produce or manufacture any tangible commodity for earning money.

You can earn money by simply providing authentic information to the audiences who seek information. When you gain the trust and confidence of your audiences by providing authentic information, they will readily buy the products and services on your recommendation.  



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Broadcasting is quite similar to publishing and many experts include broadcasting within the precepts of publishing. However, the power to induce people at the subconscious mind place broadcasted ideas at a unique place in the Internet market. When you broadcast, you can reach people without requiring them to go through the discomfort of reading written text.


Broadcasting is a very successful marketing strategy in the contemporary world. However, you have to extend the scope of your broadcasting by repurposing your content into several media formats, particularly mobile devices. People are more likely to use mobile devices to access the Internet and social media networks. Repurposing your content into several media formats like video or a podcast will significantly improve your reach to potential audiences.

It’s the key to your success in your broadcasting strategies. 

Videos have become the most powerful channels of marketing due to its ability in connecting the audiences at emotional levels. You can easily make video presentations and upload them at the popular video sharing sites like YouTube or Vimeo. When you need to publish articles, you can quickly transcribe the video presentation to create some great articles.


You can publish a series of articles by simply transcribing webinars if you can get required permission to do that. Such articles or reports will allow you to quickly build your prospects list and improve sales. I have personally used this strategy, and it produced really impressive results. You can use the following broadcasting methods to get targeted traffic to your website:

  • Video
  • Webinars
  • Teleseminars
  • Podcasting

If you are already engaged in marketing business, you can quickly extend your reach to a large number of potential audiences by repurposing your existing content for broadcasting over different channels. You will definitely reach more people by a combined approach as some audiences like videos while others prefer texts. 


Isn’t wonderful to reach millions of additional prospects by just making some efforts to reproduce your already existing ideas into new formats? You can promote your business with the least possible resources by utilizing the repurposed content for broadcasting through different channels of communication. 



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You can also get free traffic by collaborating with others to leverage your business. Joint ventures are rather popular methods of collaboration, but you can gain from the economies of scale by collaborating with your partners through the following methods:


  • Forums
  • Linking
  • Joint Ventures
  • Testimonials
  • Social Media
  • Provide Services
  • Swaps

Collaboration or joint-ventures bring excitement and profitability in your business when you work with your partners in the right direction. As already mentioned, joint ventures are more popular methods of collaboration, but I would like to suggest collaboration for advertising to extend your reach to more prospects.

Joint ventures may be very demanding in terms of business relationships, but you can easily collaborate for joint advertising. Irrespective of the methods you choose for collaboration, you should be careful to avoid unnecessary wastage of resources for getting a collaborating partner and focus on things that naturally attract partners for cooperation.  


For example, you should try to improve your presence on social media.

When you connect with a larger community, many businesses would like to collaborate with you by even paying for it. I think social media provide great avenues of connecting with people and create your social presence. You should use Facebook and Twitter to leverage your business and get targeted traffic while improving your chances for a profitable collaboration. However, you should understand that sharing for the audiences are more important than sharing with the audiences when you wish to build your reputation within the community.


[alert style=”dark”]ACTION STEPS[/alert]

So far, you have learned some great tips to get free traffic, but are you ready to implement these methods?  I would like to suggest you the following three key points to further motivate you towards your goal.

  1. Whenever you publish, always consider how you can repurpose your articles, videos or any contents described in the publishing section and extend your reach to potential audiences.
  2. Don’t try to be something you are not. Don’t consider things that make you uncomfortable and produce negative implications for your business. In brief, follow your bliss. It has not been easy, but I changed myself to achieve success. I am writing this article because I enjoy writing and publishing articles. So choose the methods that suit you.
  3. Gain specialization to improve your earning potential. There is no point in submitting five ezine articles if you are unable to make any profits. Rather than following the so-called marketing gurus, use your instincts to benefit from article marketing. As I have already suggested, select the method that suits you, and master the techniques.


Once you have decided your method, consider the other marketers who are successfully using this method.

Think how you can replicate their strategies.

Find out the free as well as the paid resources over the Internet. Find out where you can look for help in case you need guidance. In brief, you have to learn with an open mind. Consider your experience as the marketer and think whether you have sufficiently clear direction to realize your financial goals. If you have, it’s a blessing… 

So, proceed on your path with a passion to succeed.

You will definitely enjoy the flow, but never forget to nurture with dedication and commitment. Work hard to help others as it is the key factor of your game plan. Your hard work in learning the skills of making a game plan and your effectiveness in implementing it will determine your success in Internet marketing. 


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