40 Reasons Why People Fail In Network Marketing

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network marketing fail

1. Without any written goals, they become confused to the point of being lost. When they have no dreams and directions in life, they are not even sure exactly what they are looking for.

2. Rather than learning to REACH AT THE TOP, they prefer to sponsor the TOP PRODUCERS. They fail to realize the importance of being sponsored by a top producer. When top producers sponsor you, you can only learn the most successful strategies, but also gain reputation for recruiting talented people.

3.Lack of COMMITMENT and thus, No action.

4. Cluttered and unorganized working environment. Waste resources on the unnecessary documentation process.

5. Lack necessary records due to haphazard record keeping.

6. Always looking for personal gains, without even caring for their customers and distributors.

7. Don’t use a modern communication system. With no ANSWERING MACHINE, it’s not possible to reach them in time.

8. Don’t respond with prompt RETURN CALLS.

9. Lack will power to learn the techniques and strategies to become successful in network marketing. They are UNINFORMED yet lack the interest to learn.

10. Don’t give adequate importance to their appointments and agreements. Don’t even bother to explain things.

11. Don’t even try to create an impression that they care about the customers. Don’t FOLLOW-UP the prospective customers.

 12. Quickly lose their interest. Usually stop pursuing within the first three months.

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13. Even routine problems and inconveniences discourage them, and they lose their motivation to succeed.

14. Don’t put any serious efforts to succeed in MLM business.

15. Don’t bother to maintain their image and self-esteem. Go on to meet the prospective customers in their dirty, unpolished and messy car without even realizing that it might affect their business.

16. Want to benefit from the hard work of their downline without putting any efforts on their own. Always remain LAZY in business.

17. Distribute information in very sloppy, poorly copied and UNPROFESSIONAL approach.

18. Don’t bother to create a retain base by collaborating with reputed manufacturers.

19. The represented products serve very poor EXAMPLE of prospective benefits.

20. Don’t bother about the COMPLAINTS of their customers and distributors.

21. Always take credit of other’s efforts, not even realizing the importance of PRAISING or RECOGNIZING the efforts of downline achievers.

22. Don’t bother to regularly conduct business on a daily basis.

23. Hurt themselves in their RESENTMENT for upline earnings. They discourage production to prevent others from receiving bonuses on their effects and production, which ultimately becomes Self-defeating.

 24. Put very little efforts, but EXPECT unrealistic rewards.

25. They fail to realize that birds of a feather flock together! Instead of making a good company with top earners, they tend to hook with NEGATIVE minded people.

26. Lack PATIENT; always desire to quickly make a huge profit without putting necessary efforts to earn it.

27. Behave like an immature baby, always crying for something. Take a non-productive approach and keep on COMPLAINING!

28. Keep on SWITCHING business from one MLM company to another, without achieving any concrete success with any of them. Don’t know to make money.

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29. Try to make money by getting involved with illegal pyramids, CHAIN LETTERS and other schemes.

30. Always work with an approach to get something for nothing. Mainly depend on the SPILL-OVERS in MLM matrix they have joined.

31. Join the MLM company just for making money without any regular USE of the product and faith in its usability.

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32. Easily get discouraged by the negative comments from the friends and family. They fail to think and realize the positive aspects of their MLM business.

33. Rather than planning to succeed, they plan to fail.

34. Don’t bother to change their unprofessional APPEARANCE.

35. Always have some EXCUSES for their failure.

36. Suffer from the delusion that they KNOW EVERYTHING.

37. Don’t bother to remain informed about the latest happenings in their business and avoid reading industry related news.

38. Easily succumb to RUMORS and remain Gullible to programs without bothering to verify the facts.

39. Don’t hesitate from Lying to look good.

40. Most Importantly, they don’t believe in taking the responsibility of their decisions.

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  1. says

    Hi Jan,

    What I noticed with some of the people who are in the network marketing industry is that they keep jumping from one deal to the next, to the next. What it boils down to is focus. You focus on one, don’t allow the next deal allow you to distract you from what you’re currently working on. Thanks for the great post!

    • Jan Oršula says

      Hello Nate,

      Definitely agree with you.. To be honest, when I was at the start of my online career few years ago, I did the same mistakes.. As you said, focus, focus and focus..

      Glad you like my article..

  2. says

    While MLM can be lucrative if pursued with the right attitude, there are some factors like the catchment area you are based out from.At times the products enlisted on the MLM linked sites do not entice or are not affordable to people in rural areas.Dropping by from UBC.

  3. says


    I like your post it makes lot of sense. Your all mention points are damn good and it’s actually a naked truth about all marketing failure. #36 point I like most ‘coz many of people thinking the same and at the end stuck with a massing action. Thanks for sharing.

    Bhavesh Patel

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